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Square Amethyst Earrings

Square Amethyst Earrings


These lovely squares of bezel set amethysts feature lilac layers that blend and swirl together. Amethyst is probably one of the best known and highly cherished gem stones, with regal associations amethysts have been used to symbolise deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth for centuries.

If you like matching jewellery we have a simply stunning pendant that pairs perfectly with these earrings, head over to the pendant catagory to see if its still there!
92.5% Indian Silver  (not hall marked).
Approximately 33mm in length excluding shepherd  hook.

Approximately 16mm in width.

This piece was designed by Joanna Hall. She selects the semi precious stones in Jaipur from various stone cutting families and dealers, always choosing the very best - "The ones that sing". Surrounded by the stones she designs these totally unique pieces, allowing the colours and shapes of the gems to take the lead. These one off creations are then set in silver by some of the  most skilled silversmiths in the trade. Jo has been working with some of the families in this process for over 25 years.

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