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Australian Opal Pendant

Australian Opal Pendant


Pendant comprising of natural semi precious  Australian Opal. This 8ct beauty is set in Indian silver.

92.5% Indian Silver jewellery (not hall marked).

Approx.3.5cm drop.Including bale. Max  1.3cm across.

Approx. 4.5 grams in weight. 


This piece was designed by Joanna Hall. She selects the semi precious stones in Jaipur from various stone cutting families and dealers, always choosing the very best - "The ones that sing". Surrounded by the stones she designs these totally unique pieces, allowing the colours and shapes of the gems to take the lead. These one off creations are then set in silver by some of the  most skilled silversmiths in the trade. Jo has been working with some of the families in this process for over 25 years.We buy and manufacture from trusted craftspeople in India and Nepal.


Australian Opal is a gorgeous stone that comes in a variety of colours (predominantly blue) that flash and change in the light. It is known as the karmic stone as it is thought to reflect and amplify your thoughts and feelings.


We buy and manufacture from trusted craftspeople in India and Nepal who we have been dealing with for 25 years. 


Chain sold separately.

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