Henna Cone

Henna Cone


Natural Henna cone for temporary tattoos.

Made from natural herbal ingredients and henna leaves.

Perfect for your arms, hands, legs and feet. Long lasting dark maroon color. Color darkens over time and lasts for up to 7 to 14 days - gradually fading away.

Remove the pin from the tip of the cone and squeeze gently. Apply to the desired body part and let the henna dry until it flakes off, the longer you leave it to develop the darker the colour and the longer it will last.  After removing, the colour is orange - it will develop to a dark brown in 1-2 days especially if you add skin oil or moisturiser. 


Please note this is a dye and stains upon contact with hair, skin, fabrics and textiles.


No chemical dye added.


We buy and manufacture from trusted craftspeople in India and Nepal who we have been dealing with for 20 years.