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Cotton Block Print Tunic Top, Ajrak Geometric

Cotton Block Print Tunic Top, Ajrak Geometric


Hand block printed cotton tunic, with two big handy pockets in the front and shell buttons to close.
This comfortable tunic top feels great to wear.
Made using the highly skilled and time consuming Ajrak hand block process to create this earth friendly print. Whew... what a mouthful that is!
100% cotton.

  • Size Guide - Measurements are in the round

    The length is taken at the back and from the side of the neck to the hem.

      Chest Waist Hips Length

    102 cm

    40 in

    100 cm

    39.5 in 

     104 cm

      41 in

    85 cm 

    33.5 in


    112 cm

    44 in

    110 cm

    43.5 in

    114 cm

    45 in

    87 cm

    34 in


    122 cm

    48  in

    120 cm

    47  in

    125 cm

    49 in

    88 cm

    34.5 in

  • Care Instructions


    Cool and Careful Machine wash at 30 degrees.

    Iron setting - Cotton.

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