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Denim Shaped Face Masks with Ties

Denim Shaped Face Masks with Ties

£14.50 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price

Washable printed double layered shaped face masks, made in India.

Made to fit adult men and women.

Made from patchwork denim and hand block printed indigo cotton lining and pocket.

Black elastic ties on each side . Adjustable nose pin for a snug fit. Inside pocket for additional filter.

Avoid sore ears with our elastic tie face masks, tie once to fit then take it on and off without untying. This mask is particularly good for those who wear facemasks for prolonged periods and/or if you tie your hair back in a ponytail as it helps anchor the mask in place. If you want to make a mask with ear loops from this mask you can cut and tie the elastic to fit your ears. 


We buy and manufacture from trusted craftspeople in India and Nepal who we have been working with for 20 years.

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