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Rajasthani Horse Printing Block

Rajasthani Horse Printing Block


Horse wood printing block measuring 10cm x 8cm.


Print cards, letters, paper, stationery and fabric with your own wood block, in the traditional way that craftsmen have been printing in India for centuries.

Instructions: First, soak your wood block in a glass of water for a few minutes and dab dry with a cloth – this is important to get the best results. You can use any water-based ink or paint for printing on anything but fabric. Apply your paint, dye or ink lightly to your block with a brush or sponge. Line up the block in the desired position and press down firmly. For printing onto fabric we recommend you use an acrylic fabric paint, then once you have finished printing and the piece is dry, iron on the reverse side to fix the dye.

Always test your printing first on a rough page. To ensure you continue to get the clearest print always wash your block carefully after use.



Our woodblocks are hand-carved in workshops by craftspeople Jo has worked with for 20 years, due to their hand made nature they vary very slightly in size and design. 

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