Indigo Butterfly Jaipur Skirt

Indigo Butterfly Jaipur Skirt


Gorgeous skirt with a crinkle style finish and an adjustable waist.

Mud resist Block Print using Indigo Dye.

100% Cotton.

  • Size Guide - Measurements in the round

    This fabric is of a crinkle style finish . The second waist measurement is fully stretched and the length is measured from the top of the waistband to hem without stretching the crinkle finish.

      Waist Waist Stretch Length

    76 cm

    30  in

    108 cm

    42.5 in

    96 cm

    38 in


    83 cm

    33 in

    116 cm

    46 in

    96 cm

    38 in

  • Care Instructions


    This item is mud resist block printed, dyed in natural indigo in  rural India. The excess dye is not throughly washed out and the blue colour will rub off onto skin and other items until a few

    washes. We suggest machine washing with a pair of old blue jeans a couple of times at 40 degrees. The indigo will settle so you can wear it worry free, and your old jeans will be revived.

    Tumble dryer friendly.