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Faceted Peridot Necklace

Faceted Peridot Necklace


7 natural semi precious faceted peridot traingle drop clusters (4 stones per cluster) set in Indian silver.

92.5% Indian Silver  (not hall marked).

20'' length, with link extension 21'' length. Peridot in setting 0.4cm - 0.7cm. Cluster drop length approx. 1cm. 

Peridot is a vibrant green natural semi precious stone, believed to keep evil spirits at bay. Much loved by the victorians and Cleopatra alike. Currently it is hard to find peridot of such fine quality and clarity and  rarely do we see such a magnificent items as this. It's a beauty!


We buy and manufacture from trusted craftspeople in India and Nepal who we have been dealing with for 25 years.